The Inner Core is the dipole Magnet

A recent research that was published in 2013 suggests that the Earth’s Inner and Outer Cores rotate in opposite directions. The simulator developed by the researchers at the University of Leeds in England to support the finding relies on the common consensus that the Earth’s magnetic field is induced out of the spiraling electrons flowing in the Outer Core; emanating from the Inner Core, and flowing towards the Inner Mantle. A very fundamental error as I explained in details on Earth Magnets page of this site.

Figure 14- Earth cutaway from core to exosphere

Due to Earth’s spin all geo layers are bulged. The degree of eccentricity depends on the angular velocity of the geo layer, the density of its material, and its radius when measured from the centre of Earth. The Outer Core is accordingly bulged, and as it enjoys a lower resistivity than the enclosing Inner Mantel, electrons flow mostly along the Outer Core major axis hovering above and on the equatorial plane of the Outer Core. This brings its spiraling paths to appear perpendicular to the axis of rotation of Earth. Whence, the induced magnetic field force lines emanate in perpendicular direction to the equatorial plane where most of the electrons spiral. This means that the induced magnetic field force lines follow a parallel direction to the axis of rotation, and therefore enjoy a fixed location when observed in the Arctic and Antarctic regions at the orthographic projection of the Outer Core. If the source of the Earth magnetism is the sole induction and given above analysis, there would be no magnetic poles to observe on the surface of Earth. However, we observe a magnetic pole at each cap of the planet; although the imaginary line connecting them is not passing through the Centre of Earth (the magnetic pole in the north is 10 degrees away from the North Pole and the magnetic pole in the south is 23 degrees away from the South Pole). Accordingly, I say that there must be a different source to the bipolar magnetic field that engulfs the Earth. But, what or where is it.

Figure 17- Inner Core and Outer Core magnetic fields are not aligned

In 1835, a French Scientist by the name of Gaspard- Gustave de Coriolis presented a paper in which he explained what became to be known as the Coriolis Force, which causes a deflection in global whirlpool patterns at sea and at air. The anti-clockwise spin of the Earth deflects vortices to the right in the northern hemisphere and to the left in the southern hemisphere. I expect that the same should be observed in the direction of the spiraling electrons flowing in the Outer Core. Electrons would spiral in an anti-clockwise direction in the upper half of the Outer Core and vice versa in the lower half. The induced magnetic field force lines would therefore appear to be of equal south magnetic polarity when observed at the northern and southern hemispheres at the orthographic projection of the Outer Core. This could explain the Antarctic current regions of south magnetic polarity; also known as Plasmoids, that started to emerge 10,000 ago according to the research made by the scholars of the Indian Institute of Geomagnetism, Colaba, Mumbai, India in the year 2000. In my opinion, such a geological discovery indicates that the Earth’s spin picked up speed at such a time that made electrons paths, when observed from a still frame of reference, to change from straight paths inducing no magnetism to spiraling paths inducing magnetic field force lines of south magnetic polarity at both Arctic and Antarctic regions. That sudden increase of spin speed lead the oceans to building up a bulge between the tropics and causing variation at sea levels where Northern and Southern seas grew less in volume. Most ancient text and folklore of civilization that lived along and between the tropics spoke of the great deluge that occurred some 10,000 years ago. There are geological evidences of great loss of land in South East Asia amongst which is the sudden rise of sea level submerged 7/8th of the Malaysian lands some 10,000 years ago.

In the same paper that is issued by the University of Leeds in England, it mentions that The Earth’s magnetic field undergoes slight fluctuations roughly every decade, and that the Inner Core’s rotation rate has also been shown to fluctuate on a similar timescale. This confirms that not only does the Inner Core generates electrons to flow in the Outer Core but also does produce a dipole magnetic field that fluctuates in tandem with the Inner Core fluctuations.

Figure 22- The torque generated by the Left-Hand rule forces makes

Viewed from an inertial resting frame, the Inner Mantle, Inner Core, and Outer Core are all moving in the same direction at roughly the same speed. The Lorentz Force that is generated, as a result of electrons current and magnetic field forces, that intersect on the perimeter that separates the Outer Core and Inner Mantle causes the planet to spin as explained in details on Earth Spin Speed page of this site. The spin speed is directly related to the strength of the electrons current, the magnetic field force and the angle falling in between. Due to continuous titling and swiveling of the Inner Core and therefore the wandering of the magnetic poles, which are currently observed at Northern and Southern hemispheres, the angle that separates the electrons and magnetic currents on the perimeter of the Inner Mantle and Outer Core is therefore changing. Such a change causes the driving Lorentz Force to fluctuate, and therefore the spin speed to change as explained on Earth Spin Speed page of this site. As the magnetic poles are currently close to the geo poles, the Lorentz Force is at its maximum and the Earth spins at the highest speed of 365.25 spin per solar orbit. If the magnetic poles where to move to India and Brazil for instance, the Earth spin will become much slower and the Earth day will become longer than what we currently experience. Latest measurements tell that Saturn and Venus  are currently experiencing a slower spin than decades ago.

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