Potential Line of Sight to Planet 9

Based on the following findings:

  1. Planet 9 path angle of entry to the solar plateau is 30 degrees south of the solar plateau; according to Caltech research published in January 2016.
  2. Earth elliptic path could be caused by the gravitational pull of a binary star system (still being investigated) and comes to a perihelion on January 3rd when the Earth is at 285 degrees (i.e. in the Capricorn constellation).
  3. Currently the two magnetic poles on Earth are moving eastward, which according to my research back in 2009, as published on this site, is caused by the magnetic pull of a planetary object that is not yet a known member of the inner solar system, and that the speed of moving eastward has been in acceleration mode in recent years.

I believe the 9th planet could be spotted at the intersection of these two planes.

  • Plane A:  The one that intersects the Earth and Sun at 285 degrees on the Earth Orbit in the Capricorn constellation and
  • Plane B: The one that intersects the Sun at 30 degrees from South of the Solar Plateau.

The intersection leads to a space line between Grus and Tucana constellations.

About T.Niazi

Tarek S. Niazi holds a Bachelor degree and a Master degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science respectively. He worked at IBM for twenty-five years in various positions. As an entrepreneur, he established and ran investment, consulting, and project integration services companies. Niazi’s interests run the gamut from geology to history, astronomy to theology, and most of the sciences, including physics. His global travels have given him a deep appreciation for the mosaic of life and culture on Earth.
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