Ban of Electronic Devices in Cabins of Planes flying to USA over the Atlantic

Earlier in 2009 and part of my research which was published on, and updates of it I managed to add here in this site under the page Sky Phenomena, I explained that the continuous movement of the 2 magnetic poles towards the east resulted in the weakening of the magnetic field over the western and southern hemisphere. It also meant and resulted in strengthening the magnetic field over the eastern hemisphere. By joining data from US National Data Centre, and the World Data Centre for Geomagnetism, Kyoto, I found out that the distance between the 2 magnetic poles has increased by 800 kilometers in 100 years, when measured across the Atlantic ocean. While it has dropped by 14% over New York, 29% over Cape Town, it has increased by 5% over Moscow and 9% over Cairo for instance. In 2014 and reading their research, I responded to Berkley asking to correct their research and make it global; instead of measuring the collapse of the magnetic field over North America and deduce an outcome, that the magnetic shield weakening is a global one, which is not the case as it is getting stronger over the eastern hemisphere. I have never received a feedback or a comment from Berkley researchers!

This March 2017, there was a ban to carrying electronic devices by passengers in plane cabins that are flying to the USA from 10 Middle East airports. In response to a friend of mine, I wrote on facebook that such a measure is taken to mitigate the risk of getting these electronic devices exploded by natural causes. I wrote that as the 2 magnetic poles continue to move towards the eastern hemisphere, the magnetic field over the western and southern hemisphere is getting much weaker than ever before when measured in known history. More protons continuously arriving from the Sun would find it easier to penetrate and reach the Troposphere layer of the atmosphere where we live, breath and fly. Most modern plane fuselages are made of Aluminum and Carbon composite. While Aluminum is an excellent conductor, Carbon Composite has 1/1000th the conductivity of Aluminum. In the absence of 100% good conductivity in the body of the plane; Protons, especially those arriving in large masses as a result of sporadic Corona Mass Ejection (CME) on the surface of the Sun, would bathe plane cabins and run through electronic wires and can cause batteries to overheat and explode.

I received feedback on facebook  from friends that my analysis of the decision to ban electronic devices in plane cabins while flying to USA is incorrect since the decision specified 10 Middle East airports only, and not all planes flying over the Atlantic. On May 11, 2017 I read this piece of news . It appears that the reason is no longer ‘security driven’ but rather ‘safety driven’. Although not explicitly spelled out by those issuing the release of such a measure, but I found it a case of “Change Management” by introducing change one step at a time!

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