Earth Changes

There is an increase in average global temperature that we named “Global Warming”. But, could that be attributed to increased carbon gases emission alone? and could increased green houses gases be anthropogenic?. Carbon Dioxide emissions are up sharply, yet Temperatures are almost flat since the year 2000. In light of the 2010 data, global carbon dioxide emissions have risen by a full one third since the year 2001, yet global temperatures have not risen during the past decade as much. Global warming activists argue that carbon dioxide emissions are the sole or primary factor in global temperature changes, yet global temperatures show no change despite a 33% increase in global carbon dioxide emissions. There is an exchange in climates over the globe that I call “Climate Ex-Change”, where some regions are getting shorter and warmer winters while others are growing longer and colder ones.  This site and related research that was published back in 2009, by the same author of this site, in a book that carries the title “More Than 60 Minutes- When Earth Stands Still”, Front Cover Thumbnail address the chain of events leading to complete ex-change of climate and tilting around the globe of the Temperature Belts or regions of homogenous climates. The research brings a considerable controversy amongst scientists and interested scholars as it links geological, historical, and astronomical records as well as simple theories of physics and trigonometry to reach conclusive evidence of the geophysics that govern our planet and make it spin about its axis; forming its Temperature Belts, experiencing global warming and climate ex-change as well as encountering an alarming increase of Earthquakes and Volcanoes. I expect to be met at first with opposition from orthodox scholars. This is unfortunately a common response of conforming historians, scientists and geologists towards new ideas, especially when these emanate from new sources. It is however self-defeating, for in the end, new ideas and integration of existing theories and established data with a different insight will always triumph over the old. Over these pages, I try to answer several questions such as:

  • Why has the annual number of Earthquakes, above 6 Richter, increased close to double starting 1994?
  • Where is the thermal energy, that forms the Temperature Belts of homogenous climates, coming from?
  • Why is North America getting warmer winters while Siberia is getting colder ones?
  • What is the relation between the weakening of Earth’s magnetic field and Global Warming?
  • Could the reasons behind Earth Ice Cap melting be the same behind Mars Ice Cap receding? and why is Ice growing in east Antarctica while eroding in its west?
  • Why are there patches of Reversed Magnetic Fields in Antarctica? and why they start emerging only 10,000 years ago?
  • What makes Earth spin about its axis, speed up at times and slow down at times by milliseconds every day?
  • Will Earth slow down its spin, similar to Venus and Saturn in recent years, each has slowed down by 6 to 8 minutes over a period of 27 years?
  • Is there a time cycle of Climate Change?
  • Did history text, in holy books, speak about several and sudden Climate Changes?
  • What wrong did historians do when they decoded the Mayan Calendar? Why December 2012 date, for an end of cycle and a beginning of a new one, is an incorrect decryption and what could be the correct date?

There is a Global Warming which, according to the research you will read on these pages, is attributed to the weakening of the magnetic field by an average of 15% in the western and southern hemispheres between the years 1850 and 2012. One third of the field drop took place in the last decade and one third of the drop took place between 1970 and 2000. There is also Climate Exchange; whereas the ice cap is melting in the Arctic Circle, the ice sheet is growing in Antarctica’s eastern region. According to this research, the Temperature Belts are very much influenced by the location of the magnetic pole as well as the strength of the magnetic field. Belts or regions of homogenous climates are centred on the magnetic poles. The south polarity magnetic pole in the Arctic circle is moving from Canada towards Siberia. The Temperature Belts are accordingly tilting along. This explains why North America is getting shorter and warmer winters while Siberia is getting longer and colder ones over the past few years. Albeit, a whole year average temperature in Siberia might be set off by the overall increase in global temperature.

Global Warming and Climate Exchange are not anthropogenic. There is a cycle of change. Ancient texts and geology records speak of it, as you will read over the coming few pages. The challenge would be to design and affect the right strategies to transform basic industries such as Agriculture, Energy, Infrastructure,  and so on to a new paradigm, of life on Earth that is approaching in the not distant future.

Magnetic Poles and Ice Caps are moving in tandem

Earthquakes above 6.99 on the Richter scale have increased 14 fold over the past 150 years. The number of quakes above 6 Richer has increased close to double since the year 1994. Scientists can’t tell why there is such an alarming increase in the number and energy of recent quakes. Looking at the past 3,000 years, scientists traced the wandering of the magnetic pole around the geographic North Pole. Currently, the magnetic pole is moving away from Canada towards Siberia at 4 times the speed, than it did over the last century. The Earth’s magnetic field has weakened by more than 15% between the years 1850 and 2012 in the western hemisphere. Scientists can’t tell for sure why there is such a weakening of the magnetic field and what makes its poles to wander continuously. The ice cap is melting from the Canadian side where the magnetic pole is moving away from, and is building on the Siberian side where the magnetic pole is moving towards. Further details on following pages

Thermal Energy

Most Scientists believe that the Global Warming is behind the melting of the Ice Cap and that increased Carbon Emission is behind the Global Warming. If that is the case, then, why some regions are getting warmer winters such as North America, while other regions are getting colder winters such as Europe, Siberia and the Middle East? Or, why the is  Ice Cap hitting record high in the east of Antarctica? The Earth spins at a 23.5 degrees angle about its axis that is perpendicular to its orbit around the Sun. Due to this tilt; the Equator is not the nearest surface to the Sun except twice a year. Why is it then, that the temperature at sea level along the Equator, is the hottest on Earth? The Sun emits radiation, such as X-rays, ultraviolet, visible light, infra red, and radio waves. The Sun also emits charged particles, such as electrons and protons. Scientists confirm that electrons get trapped in the outer magnetic field and that protons get trapped in the inner magnetic field that circumvent the planet, in the Thermosphere layer some 100 to 800 km (62 to 500 miles) above the surface of the Earth. What makes such a region of the atmosphere churning hot? It reaches 1,700 degrees Celsius in the Thermosphere layer above the magnetic equator and 180 degrees Celsius above the magnetic poles. Here is a quiz: Which feels hotter; 1,700 degrees Celsius at 100 km above our heads, or 6,000 degrees Kelvin at the surface of the Sun some 150 million km far? The answer is not straight forward as intensity of radiation is very much defined by Boltzmann’s black body equation as we shall examine further on Earth Temperature page of this site, and find out that the thermal radiation reaching the surface of Earth is 1.8 fold stronger from the Thermosphere layer than directly from the Sun. Could there be a direct relation between the temperature map on the surface of the Earth and the temperature map in the Thermosphere layer? Global Warming would then be related to increased temperature levels at the Thermosphere layer, wouldn’t it? But, how is that possible? And could Global Warming be attributed to the collapse of the magnetic field force over some parts of the planet? Could Climate Change be linked to the movement of the magnetic poles? Manuscripts from ancient texts described in detail, a bitter cold wave that took place between the years 900-950 AD in Arabia; at which time the magnetic pole was situated in Siberia. The same Temperature Belt that covers Europe today, appear to have covered the Arabian region then. Further details on following pages

Three Magnetic Fields

Scientists believe that the Earth’s magnetic field is induced by electric currents that flow through the 3,000 km radius Outer Core. Why do we have Reverse Magnetic Field (RMF) spots in Antarctica then? Could there be more than one magnetic field source emerging out of the core of Earth? Are these magnetic fields induced by electric current or are they produced by dipole permanent ones? Or is there a combination of both types? If the magnetic field that we observe on the surface of the Earth were electronically induced, it would have been aligned with the axis of Earth spinning; it would have been fixed in location; and in fact, it would have been manifested as south magnets at each magnetic cap following the rule of the Coriolis force. The fact that we have strong north and south magnetic poles that are not co-centric with the Earth axis of rotation, plus several spots of smaller south magnetic poles at each cap, tells us that Earth has a strong permanent dipole magnet plus electronically induced south magnets at each cap.  Further details on following pages

Main Magnetic Field influences Earth’s Spin Speed

Most Scientists believe that the solar system was a cloud of dust and gas known as a solar nebula. Gravity collapsed the material on itself as it began to spin, forming the Sun in the centre of the nebula. With the rise of the Sun the remaining material began to clump up. Material drew together bound by the force of gravity to form terrestrial worlds like Earth. The process of attracting material created a momentum that compelled to Earth to spin. Scientists claim that if Earth stops spinning, it will not be able to spin about its axis again! It will continue to orbit the Sun at same speed though. Scientists did not explain why the Earth spins fast at times and slow at other times, by a millisecond or more each day? They did not explain, if the same process was deployed to create the Moon, why isn’t it spinning? or why when Venus have a similar mass to Earth it is spinning much slower and that the length of a day on Venus is 184 days on Earth? I found out the at 2 locations in the heart of Earth there exists Lorentz Force (or as is called Left Hand Rule in Electromagnetism) that exert angular force at the shell separating the Inner Mantle and Outer Core as well as the inner-Inner Core and outer-Inner Core. That Lorentz Force is emerged by the interaction of a permanent Magnetic Field Force lines and Electric Current that flows in the Outer Core. The question that you may raise then, whether there is a relation between the tilting of the Magnetic Field Force lines and the speed of the spin of the Earth? Are there any historical and geological records to tell us about considerable change in spin speed? And to tell us that Earth had stopped spinning about its axis several times? Could this be scientifically and simply explained? and what could be the consequences on life on Earth? Further details on following pages

This site answers all above and explains to the reader, the Earth Changes that are taking place; the cause, the reasons and the consequences.

After having gone through the pages of this site, I recommend you watch this summary video that was delivered at TEDx Abu Dhabi on May 26, 2012.

Copyright © 2009-2012 T.S. Niazi, All rights reserved, ISBN: 1-4392-5791-4, ISBN-13: 9781439257913

14 Responses to Earth Changes

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  2. This is an excellent post. It might be enhanced with the science expressed in my book, The Three Concepts of Climate Change. Magnetic forcing of climate is not a notion or random thought or denial of undemonstrated, possible forcing by fossil fuels; it is an identified phenomenon, substantiated by interdisciplinary, peer reviewed research and demonstrated by jet stream behavior.

    • T.Niazi says:

      Thank you Bill. I have spanned my research, as published on Dec 2009 on to introduce a probable magnetic configuration of our planet that is never introduced before (induced + permanent), the influence of the thermal radiation of the Thermosphere region on the formation of the Temperature Belts, a completely new proposition on the elements influencing the spin speed and related variation at sea levels across the planet.
      I had to research ancient text and geological findings (such as the first formation of plasmoids in the Antarctic) to deduce a cycle of Earth changes that span climate to geography and time changes.
      My analysis leads to a climax on August 2017 when accelerated magnetic poles movement, Temperature Belts tilt, slower spin speed and rising sea levels northern to N39 and southern to S39 will occur. In return, the sea levels between N39 and S39 would spotlessly recess.
      A good summary of the book that is referenced above is made available on the pages of this site. Continuous feeds of geological, scientific and/ or historical discoveries are published as they come as posts and add a great value to ascertain the model I introduced earlier.
      The difference in this research than several others, is the “integration of existing theories of physics, electromagnetism, geology, human biology, ancient text and astronomy with a new insight to explain Earth Changes, Change Cycle and the probable date of the Change Climax”. Accordingly, the full site has to be read as a whole and not in a fragmented way for better evaluation.

  3. It is obvious we have both done a monumental amount of research. I have read much more on yoour seeking improved data. My analysis techniques point at the ‘root’ cause of climate conditions, whereas I seek to distinguish between cause and effects with the intent of expanded understanding of the mechanisms that drive climate. Historical temperature studies are an effect, whereas distance from the Sun, the Suns solar activity, and magnetic thermal mechanisms are the cause as demonsatrated through climate conditions. Many new insights may be found

  4. there’s a correlation between sun activity and earth polar ozone holes (more cold turns O3 quicker back into O2) (NASA:

    if sun’s/earth’s core activities are high each 8 minutes the magnetic system of the earth unloads to the sun (NASA:

    • T.Niazi says:

      The model I introduced on “Earth Temperature” page of this site proved that the energy received on the surface of Earth from the Thermosphere layer is 1.8 fold the energy that is received directly from the Sun. The relocation of the Magnetic Poles would lead to relocation of the Magnetic intensity map at the Thermosphere layer. You may wonder how would that impact the Temperature Belts of homogeneous climates on the surface of Earth! I suggest to start by going though

  5. John Jongsma says:

    I have a question, and the question is the following:

    Everyone is taught from textbooks that our Earth is so constructed.
    Continental crust
    Outer core
    Inner core

    As we make a search about the internet, and not from textbooks, we come across the following article against Kola Superdeep Borehole

    In this article, very much is described about the depth to what extent it can be drilled in our earth. Russia such as America have made various attempts to drill much deeper, this what has been achieved until today.

    Then I come back to the first part that I described;
    Continental crust
    Outer core
    Inner core

    This section with the Kola Superdeep Borehole article tells us that nobody can tell exactly how our interior of the earth is built up. This is for the simple reasons that we can not drill deeper to a depth of 15,000 m (49,000 ft)

    Do I miss something here?

    • T.Niazi says:

      I read carefully the site you referred to on wikipedia. I can not comment on it since it is based on new ‘geological’ discovery that is not referenced elsewhere. What I can comment upon is that the model I developed for the magnetism of Earth, which I based on established geological findings and proven geophysics that are challenged by you referenced site, helped me to explain the emergence of Plasmoids, or reversed magnetic field in Antarctica, South Atlantic Anomaly, Climate Exchange and Global Warming. You may find it on . I deployed the same model and found it to also work and explain the magnetic configuration on Mars and Uranus . And, for all 3 planets such a magnetic modelling helped me to explained why these planets spin about their axes and what controls the spin direction and speed.

  6. John Jongsma says:

    I have a link here, that will prove, that when the magnetic field is moving, whales will stranding on the beach. On that day when that happens with the magnetic field, Hamelin Bay 140 Grienden Whale stranding on that day Geospace Ground Magnetic Perturbation Maps

    • T.Niazi says:

      Documenting a research and have it published is not enough it seems, and would take a long time for the message to reach to the right individual in the scientific community. You have gone through the information I researched and presented on this site, and I would very much appreciate your recommendation, being already connected with geomagnetic researchers, of such conferences where one could attend to and share. I will be glad to address all objections 🙂

      • John Jongsma says:

        Thank you very much for your reaction, which I appreciate very much.

        You can absolutely use any information, such as if necessary, to take it with you in your presentation and or publish it on your website.

        There is no copyright on the findings and research. Your clear presence, more people should know about the truth of our Earth and solar system in general. You write and verbally state, “climate exchange” that which is absolutely the perfect word, then climate change.

        What has changed is our air quality, and that is totally different from climate change in my opinion. I have seen my “doubts” about air quality that in the first industrial revolution and the second industrial revolution, we burned coal to make the machines work.

        The population needs proofs such as videos, explaining an example of what is meant. A picture, people do not say much when talking about, there is currently a 10 ° gap between Earth’s axis of rotation and the magnetic pole in the Arctic Circle to the center of Earth. This gap angle is changing as manifested by the wandering poles. That which changed our Earth Temperature to another and also the melting of the South Pole. However, exactly how it describes, Magnetic Poles and Ice Caps move in Tandem.

        Currently we are working on a team, to show everything in a video, that which you explain on your website. The reason why we explain this with videos with examples has to do with the following. Every person has a learning level in various areas that they are good at. People who are not familiar with this knowledge level, will have to explain it differently as with videos.

        Then with your text and with any videos there, people will actually wake up what is actually meant by “climate exchange” here on our Earth. I want to share this video with you, as soon as you are interested in this on your website. Finally, every video is recorded without any recorded text. So that each one can speak his spoken text in their own spoken language and add sub-titles.

      • T.Niazi says:

        There is a couple of flaws in the 2012 TEDx video. I kept it as is and did not change. However, the empirical model that I developed for the Thermosphere temperature gave conclusive evidence about the impact of a changed magnetic field location and strengths on the climates and temperatures on the surface of the planet. I am not sure which part of the video you shall use, but if need be, I could make some fresh slides on certain topic with my voice on top to be part of your syndicated video!

  7. bvance says:

    Saw your great TED talk and that led me here. Stunning conclusions. Turns climate change politics on its head. Would like to see more thoughts on the correlation between recent astronomical body research (such as Mike Brown and K. Batygin on Planet 9, and other bodies) that may affect the shape/strength of the magnetic field around Earth. Are there historical asteroids, comets or planets that can be tied directly to known polar shifts? And can the wandering of the magnetic poles account for most temperature belt phenomenon, such as the Saharan desert vs. tropic cycle, that has been tracked geologically?

    • T.Niazi says:

      Since 2012 I improved the analytical model of the Thermosphere temperature map, added new discoveries that confirm the assumptions, which I made earlier about the permanent magnetic features of the solid inner core.. you may find more on the pages of this site and monthly posts.
      For instance the same model was applied on Saturn to explain why it spins in an opposite direction to Earth’s spin. Ancient text and geological discoveries when connected to Earth temperature and spin models that as I manifested earlier lead to one culprit and a cycle of change. I believe if we decipher the Maya tablets with an open mind that number of days per year vary, then we could come closer to most likely date at which current cycle ends and a new one begins.

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