Table of Contents

  1. Earth Changes
    1. Magnetic Pole and Ice Cap move in Tandem
    2. Thermal Energy
    3. Three Magnetic Fields
    4. Main Magnetic Field influences Earth’s Spin Speed
    5. TEDx Abu Dhabi session, May 2012, on Earth Changes
  2. Change Scale
    1. Misunderstood
    2. Different Geophysics View
    3. Different History View
    4. Different Mandate
  3. Earthquakes
    1. Alarming Increase of Earthquakes & Volcanoes.
  4. Shifting Poles 
    1. Magnetic Pole and Ice Caps move in tandem
    2. Magnetic Pole’s Wandering in Ancient Times
  5. Earth Temperature
    1. Why Temperatures vary at Sea Level?
    2. Where is the Heat that reaches Earth’s Surface coming from?
    3. Why is the Thermosphere that Hot?
    4. The difference between Global Warming and Climate Exchange
  6. Earth Magnets
    1. What is a Magnet?
    2. The Outer Core is Bulged
    3. Earth’s Two Induced Magnets of South Polarity
    4. Plasmoids indicating Magnetic Pole Reversal is a Myth
  7. Earth Spin Speed
    1. Bulged Outer Core flattens Electric Current Flow along the Equatorial Plane
    2. The main Magnetic Field keeps a changing angle with the Electric Current
    3. Earth spins as a result of a constant Electric Current, a constant Magnetic Field and the changing Angle in-between
    4. Longer Days
    5. How do other Planets spin
  8. Climate Exchange
    1. What pulls the Inner Core, the main Magnet, to tilt?
    2. Temperature Belts
    3. New Magnetic Pole Location
  9. The Exodus Mystery
  10. Abraham Mystery Planet
  11. When Earth Stood Still
  12. The Great Deluge
  13. Change Cycle
    1. The Maya Long Count
    2. Other Observations from Earlier Civilizations
    3. End of Days
    4. Earth’ Changes Cycle Time and Impact on Human Life Span
  14. Change Management
    1. It is all about the Magnets
    2. What brings Nostradamus, Obama and Earth Changes together
    3. Agriculture Transformation
    4. Infrastructure Transformation
    5. Energy Continuity
    6. Planet Life
    7. Civil Order
    8. Countries Leading Transformation
    9. 2nd International Conference on Climate Change and Social Issues 2012
  15. Mars Warming
    1. Mars Temperature Belts
    2. Mars Magnets Setup
    3. Mars Global Warming
    4. Mars Spin Speed
  16. Sky Phenomena
    1. Strange Sky Sounds?
    2. Sudden death of Birds and Fish
    3. Aluminium versus Carbon Composites
    4. Dreamliner Battery melt
    5. Falling ill with Diarrhea and Vomiting
  17. Sea Level
  18. Posts
    1. ESRI ٍSea Level Simulation when Earth slows down its spin speed
    2. Research on Magnetic Poles flipping. Why Berkley may not be correct!
    3. Another proof that Low Surface Temperature follows the Magnetic Pole
    4. The True Drop in the Magnetic Field Strength
    5. Current Magnetic Field Map confirms 3-Magnets Configuration
    6. Is the Ice Sheet Melting or Growing?
    7. Comment on Documentary: Tell Me Why! Earth Spins
    8. Comment on Documentary: What when the Earth stops spinning
    9. Unprecedented Temperatures
    10. Earth’s magnetic field is collapsing and it is affecting the climate
    11. Giant Aquifers found under Arid Deserts
    12. Another reason why Carbon Dioxide and Vapour are on the rise.
    13. 9th Planet
    14. 9th Planet’s Orbit: What are the odds
    15. Record of Summer Cold Events over Europe
    16. Why Earth Atmosphere is losing Oxygen
    17. The Inner Core is the dipole Magnet
    18. Why Earth Spin Axis is drifting eastward
    19. NASA needs to change its assumptions to find Planet 9
    20. Potential Line of Sight to Planet 9
    21. Ban of Electronic Devices in Cabins of Planes flying to USA over the Atlantic
    22. Another Proof that the Magnetic Configuration of Earth has Induced and Permanent fields
Copyright © 2009-2012 T.S. Niazi, All rights reserved, ISBN: 1-4392-5791-4, ISBN-13: 9781439257913

3 Responses to Table of Contents

  1. Paul Shaheen says:

    In this article summarizing findings presented at the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco the pole shifts are postulated to have been caused by global warming itself rather that the supposed planet Nirabu. I would be interested in your comments. I would be interested in your comments

  2. Apparently there are 2 kinds of shifts. The magnetic pole shift and the geographic pole shift. The magnetic poles are not symmetrically distant from the geographic axis of rotation, and they wander in isolation of one another. The speed of the shift of the ‘south’ magnet up in the Arctic circle has quadrupled in the last decade when compared to the last century. I trace the source of the magnetic field(s) that emerge on the surface of Earth and I come with a different view than what most scientists are claiming on the true source of Earth magnetic field. More on and on . The Earth’s magnetic field serves to deflect most of the charged particles that arrive from the sun. The entrapped protons on the lower magnetic field cause the Thermosphere temperature to rise between 500 and 2,000 Celsius. The resultant thermal radiation in that region of the Atmosphere that lies between 100 to 800 km above sea level contributes to the energy that reaches the Troposphere and surface of Earth. The weakening of the magnetic field in the western and south western hemisphere by 14 to 29% in recent years, have resulted in rising temperature in the Thermosphere layer due to an increase in thermal radiation, which results from the collision between Thermosphere low density air molecules and the weaker magnetic field sped protons as well as protons themselves while spiraling around the magnetic field force lines. This translates into rising level of thermal radiation that reaches the surface of Earth; causing global warming. Nevertheless, the variation of the Thermosphere current temperature of 500 plus Celsius above the magnetic poles and 2,000 plus Celsius above the magnetic equator, results in Temperature Belts of homogenous climates on the surface of Earth to form in a circular bands around the magnetic poles in the northern and southern hemispheres. There is a cause and effect chain of events; the shift of the magnetic pole from Canada towards Siberia leads to the shift or the tilt magnetic field all along and therefore the tilting of the Temperature Belts causing southern USA to get into a warmer Temperature Belt while Siberia to get into a colder one. More on . The north magnetic pole in Antarctica has slightly moved in the last 100 years. Its strength has dropped by 4%. The opposite is observed in the northern hemisphere where the south magnetic pole has moved deeper into the Arctic Circle in the last 100 years. Its strength has dropped by 7% in the same period. This explains why the ice cap in east Antarctica is growing while it is melting the Arctic Circle as well as in west Antarctica where the north magnetic pole is moving away from. More on and . Be it a known or unknown planet such as the hypothetical “Tyche” for instance , the magnetic pull between the planets core magnets results in Earth’s dipole magnet to tilt since it is free to move inside the viscous Outer Core layer. The tie in of the magnetic field force lines generated out of various planets cause the source magnet to move and its pole to wander on the surface as is observed on Earth..

    I reflect on the information at . I have not seen the model that would cause variation of surface loads to change the tilt of the axis of rotation versus the solar plateau. One has to consider that the radius of Earth is 6,000 km of material that range from 2.2 gm/cm3 to 13.1 gm/cm3. Water density is 1 gm/ cm3. Could the melting of a couple of thousands of meters of ice and reduction of ice load on Arctic and Antarctic areas cause the load to shift and axis of rotation to wobble and the axis angle to change? I explain on , what makes the planet to spin and its spin speed to change leading the sea level and therefore coastal geography to change. Earth spin speed, according to my research, is a function of the angle that lies between the magnetic field and the axis of rotation at the perimeter that splits the Inner Mantle from the Outer Core. The less the angle the faster the spin speed and vice versa. If the magnetic pole moves to India for instance; not only a new ice cap will start forming there in India, but the spin speed will slow down. Currently, all objects on the geographic equator are moving at 1,670 km/ hour while objects at the geographic poles is not moving at all. Material at the geographic equator such as Crust and oceans try to escape into space due to its high speed and the gravitational pull of the planet is pulling it back. This results in a bulged planet. Now, if the spin speed slows down, such bulged oceans will start to subside at the geographic equator and elevate at the geographic poles. The melting and reduction of the ice caps may be offset by the rising ocean level in the far north and far south, keeping the impact of such fine load change to a minimum which would lead to no noticeable change in axis of rotation! More on sea level changes on .

  3. katesisco says:

    Thank you for your book. I support your theory. I suggest that the Moon has finally found a scientific theory allows for huge vesicles: the slow impact theory has been replaced with a fast impact that allows for the vaporization of material. I would suggest that the plasma arc connecting Earth and the impactor (if there was one) actually created the vaporization and the resultant pure minerals that have baffled scientists like the extraordinary amount of mercury at the Moon’s south pole.

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