Current Magnetic Field Map confirms 3-Magnets Configuration

Here is a recent image of the weakening part of the Earth’s magnetic field that is coloured in blue as published on the Mail Online  on June 24th  2014.

Figure 92- Magnetic Field Strength

The diagram falls in line with the 3-magnets configuration that I suggested earlier on Earth Magnet page, where there is a single permanent magnet whose field emerges on the east side of Antarctica and two induced magnet field rings that emerge around the axis of rotation in Antarctica and the Arctic circle.

  • The permanent magnet maintains its strength, which is measured in nT or Nano Tesla, at the north magnetic pole in Antarctica. However, the continuous move of the the north magnetic pole, closer to the ‘plasmoid’ region where patches of induced south magnets influence the intensity reading of the north magnetic pole, and measures a pole drop of 4% between the years 1900 and 2014 as deduced on the US National Geophysical Data Center (from 69,175 nT at the magnetic pole location on 71o S and 148o E in the year 1900 to 66,749 nT at the magnetic pole location on 64o S and 137o E in the year 2014). As the magnetic field force lines fringe out to circumvent the planet and converge at the south magnetic pole in the Arctic circle, a considerable amount of those magnetic field force lines get rerouted into space, probably by the strong magnetic pull of planet Tyche. The magnetic field surrounding the southern hemisphere gets weaker as displayed in the following table using the data supplied by the World Data Center for Geomagnetism, Kyoto over the past century.

    Figure 93-Magnetic Field Intensity Change

  • The two induced magnet rings appear North and South on the surface of Earth, in south magnet polarity, as detailed on the Earth Magnet page of this site, due to the Coriolis effect. They vary in strength depending on the planet spin speed. That explains how come the magnetic field up in the Arctic circle had picked up strength by compensating of the loss of the magnetic field force lines that emerge out of  Antarctica by adding the magnetic field force lines that get induced from the Outer Core.  Both permanent and induced magnetic fields in the Arctic circle have south magnet polarity which made the magnetic field at the south magnetic pole in the Arctic to drop by only 6% from 61,120 nT at magnetic pole location on 70oN 96oW in the year 1900 to 57,177 nT at the magnetic pole location on 85oN 149oW in the year 2014.
  • As the two magnetic poles keep moving away from each other on the western hemisphere and closer to one another on the eastern hemisphere, the magnetic field force lines over the Americas are thus covering larger area when you consider the distance had increased by 5,360 km (3,350 miles) between the year 1900 and 2014. Using the google calculator to find the shortest distance between 2 locations, namely the south magnetic pole in the Arctic and the North Magnetic Pole in Antarctica. The results are summarized as follows:
    1. The distance between the 2 magnetic poles across Americas in the year 1900 is 17,830 km.
    2. The distance between the 2 magnetic poles across Asia in the years 2014 is 16,810 km.
    3. Earth Circumference is about 40,000 km.
    4. Accordingly, the distance between the 2 magnetic poles across Americas in the year 2014 is 40,000 km minus 16,810 km i.e. 23,190 km.
    5. That means that the two magnetic poles had travelled eastward between the year 1900 and 2014 for a distance of 5,360 km (23,190 km minus 17,830 km).
    6. Covering larger area by the same magnetic field force lines flying over the Americas resulted in the emergence of the South Atlantic Anomaly at mid distance between the two magnetic poles, where the magnetic field is weakest.

Figure119- Magnetic Poles - Distance Change 1900- 2014

At any time you wish to find more about the consequences of the migration of the two Magnetic Poles in relation to Earth Temperature you may click on

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