When Earth Stood Still

The Bible tells us that Moses and the Israelites had spent forty years in the wilderness of the Sinai Peninsula. Upon Moses death, at the close of the forty years, Joshua, son of Nun, assumed the leadership and marched against the Hittites and others. In Joshua-1:1-5 the Lord passes his commands:

1 After the death of Moses the servant of the LORD, the LORD said to Joshua son of Nun, Moses’ aide: 2 “Moses my servant is dead. Now then, you and all these people, get ready to cross the Jordan River into the land I am about to give to them—to the Israelites. 3 I will give you every place where you set your foot, as I promised Moses. 4 Your territory will extend from the desert to Lebanon, and from the great river, the Euphrates—all the Hittite country—to the Great Sea on the west. 5 No one will be able to stand up against you all the days of your life. As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

 The Bible goes on to describe the march of Joshua’s army against the coalition of the kings of the Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites after having captured Jerico and Ai. It was at this time, between forty to fifty years after the events described in Exodus, when the ninth planet swayed back and came closer to the Earth for the second time in less than fifty years. The Bible tells us of the day at which the Sun stopped in the sky. It seems, as it did at the time of the Exodus, that the Earth stopped spinning for a while, so that the Sun and the Moon appeared to be fixed in the sky. That event could be attributed to the growing magnetic pull of the ninth planet as it approached the inner solar system, causing the gap angle between the magnetic field and the rotation axis to grow smaller, thus leading to a change in Earth Spin Speed up to a no spin, while still orbiting the Sun at its same space cruising speed of course. Here is what the Bible Joshua 10:1-15 tells us:

1 Now Adoni-Zedek king of Jerusalem heard that Joshua had taken Ai and totally destroyed it, doing to Ai and its king as he had done to Jericho and its king, and that the people of Gibeon had made a treaty of peace with Israel and were living near them. 2 He and his people were very much alarmed at this, because Gibeon was an important city, like one of the royal cities; it was larger than Ai, and all its men were good fighters. 3 So Adoni-Zedek king of Jerusalem appealed to Hoham king of Hebron, Piram king of Jarmuth, Japhia king of Lachish and Debir king of Eglon. 4 “Come up and help me attack Gibeon”, he said, “because it has made peace with Joshua and the Israelites”.  5 Then the five kings of the Amorites—the kings of Jerusalem, Hebron, Jarmuth, Lachish and Eglon—joined forces. They moved up with all their troops and took up positions against Gibeon and attacked it.  6 The Gibeonites then sent word to Joshua in the camp at Gilgal: “Do not abandon your servants. Come up to us quickly and save us! Help us, because all the Amorite kings from the hill country have joined forces against us.” 7 So Joshua marched up from Gilgal with his entire army, including all the best fighting men. 8 The LORD said to Joshua, “Do not be afraid of them; I have given them into your hand. Not one of them will be able to withstand you”.  9 After an all-night march from Gilgal, Joshua took them by surprise. 10 The LORD threw them into confusion before Israel, who defeated them in a great victory at Gibeon. Israel pursued them along the road going up to Beth Horon and cut them down all the way to Azekah and Makkedah. 11 As they fled before Israel on the road down from Beth Horon to Azekah, the LORD hurled large hailstones down on them from the sky, and more of them died from the hailstones than were killed by the swords of the Israelites.  12 On the day the LORD gave the Amorites over to Israel, Joshua said to the LORD in the presence of Israel: “O Sun, stand still over Gibeon,  O Moon, over the Valley of Aijalon”. 13 So the Sun stood still and the Moon stopped, till the nation avenged itself on its enemies, as it is written in the Book of Jashar.  The Sun stopped in the middle of the sky and delayed going down about a full day. 14 There has never been a day like it before or since, a day when the LORD listened to a man. Surely the LORD was fighting for Israel!  15 Then Joshua returned with all Israel to the camp at Gilgal.”

In other words, the day lasted longer. The hour became longer or More Than 60 Minutes.

Copyright © 2009-2012 T.S. Niazi, All rights reserved, ISBN: 1-4392-5791-4, ISBN-13: 9781439257913 More Than 60 Minutes- When Earth Stands Still Chapter 3

5 Responses to When Earth Stood Still

  1. Alicia Garth says:

    This day was recorded in biblical days Joshua 10:1-15. The sun stopped in the sky. The earth stopped spinning for a while so that the sun and the moon appeared to be fixed for a while. The sun stopped in the middle of the sky and delayed going down about a full day. In others words,the day lasted longer. The hour became longer or more than 60 minutes, 1hour

  2. Jerry Klinkner says:

    I find it amusing that the author of this piece (and others) can’t just see and acknowledge that the God of the universe stopped the earth from spinning on its axis for a time when Joshua asked Him to. The author has to come up with some naturalistic explanation for a miracle by the Lord God!

  3. T.Niazi says:

    Dear Jerry , thank you for your comment. If you have a copy of the book https://www.amazon.com/s?k=More+Than+60+Minutes-+when+earth+stands+still&i=stripbooks&ref=nb_sb_noss , you shall find on Chapter 2 titled “Earth” an explanation of the phenomena (or miracle). If not then on the pages “Earth Magnetic Field” and “Earth Spin Speed” a deep down scientific elaboration. You may also find on the Posts column some updates that proved what I wrote earlier the Earth has 2 magnetic fields; an induced one and a permanent one ! Check https://planet-earth-2017.com/2017/05/18/another-proof-that-the-magnetic-configuration-of-earth-has-induced-and-permanent-fields/ and https://planet-earth-2017.com/2018/05/18/earth-magnetic-field-redefined-source-reexamined-influence/ and the archeological discovery on https://planet-earth-2017.com/2020/01/25/mysterious-geomagnetic-spike-3000-years-ago-explained/

  4. Clark Breen says:

    I seriously doubt the earth stopped rotating. Everything on earth would have died

    • T.Niazi says:

      Earth keeps orbiting the Sun.. However, the spin speed about its axis may vary, and I explained how the location of the 2 magnetic poles can influence the spin speed. I fail to understand your comment. Why when the spin speed becomes 0 everything would die. If you meant that part of the planet will always face the Sun and the other part will not face the Sun, which will generate great winds due to temperature difference between the 2 faces; then that scenario will definitely cause havoc. Let alone realigning of the oceans into two .. One at the northern and one at the southern hemisphere. Check https://www.esri.com/news/arcuser/0610/files/nospin.pdf … So long as there is water, there is life

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