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Most, if not all of independent scientific reports, documentaries and global news networks link Climate Change and Global Warming to human malpractice with nature, industrial activities and urban waste, deforestation and increased carbon emission. More ice is melting in the Arctic Circle and west Antarctica. More Carbon Dioxide that is trapped in the polar ice in bubbles of air is released. Oceans became warmer and more frozen Methane at sea is released to the Atmosphere elevating levels of Carbon Dioxide and Vapor levels as it devours Oxygen. However, when you look closely to the following graph that is  published at , you find that the global Carbon dioxide variations follows that of the global temperature and not vice versa.

Figure 62- Carbon follows Temperature

Most textbooks explain that temperature, at sea level, is highest at the Equator and lowest at the Poles. I explain that this could be true as long as the magnetic poles are closely aligned with the geographic poles. When alignment is no longer in place, the meteorological map of the planet will tilt, following the travel of the magnetic poles. While the basics of magnetism, the rising frequency of Earthquakes, the characteristics of the geological layers of Earth, and temperature variation may explain what is happening today, the holy books history sections painted a cycle of repetition through various citations.

Different Geophysics View

Is there a relation between the magnetic field and the amount of thermal energy received on the surface of the Earth? Most Scientists attribute the Earth spin about its axis to the planet angular momentum that emerged when the Earth was initially formed billions of years ago. They claim that if it stops, it will not spin again! However, they fail to explain why the Moon is not spinning since it was created by the same process, or why the Earth’s spin about its axis, speeds up and slows down by a fraction of millisecond a day over the past 400 years! Most scientists claim that the variation of temperature on the surface of the planet is dependent on the thickness of the Ozone Layer. They fail to explain why, when the Ozone layer thickness varies, the planet surface beneath remains at relatively constant temperature. Others attribute the formation of Temperature Belts of homogenous climate zones to the ‘angle of projection’ of the solar energy onto the surface of the planet. They overlook the fact that the Earth is tilted by a constant 23.44° angle about the axis perpendicular to its orbit around the Sun. For instance, the angle of projection is almost the same at both the Equator and the northern Middle Latitude Belt  on June 21, yet the temperatures vary greatly between the two regions.  Most scientists attribute the Outer Core, the low viscosity liquid layer of the planet, to be the source of the magnetic field that we observe on the surface of the Earth. They overlooked the fact that if such a magnetic field is induced by the electrons, in the Outer Core layer, while flowing from the Inner Core towards the Inner Mantle, the orientation of the electronically induced magnetic field would be exactly aligned parallel to the spin axis of the planet. In other words, the induced magnetic pole would be co-centric onto the geographic pole. Yet, we know that the magnetic poles are in constant wander around the geographic poles and some times they go far beyond.  The two magnetic poles wander independently from one another and are not at directly opposite positions on the planet. On the pages of this website, I try to answer the above mentioned ambiguities. Utilizing basic concepts and theories of electricity, magnetism and laws of motion, I try to address some basic questions, for instance:

  1. What makes the magnetic poles wander around the geographic poles? And what causes the spin of Earth about its axis to speed up at times and to slow down at other times? Would the time come when the spin becomes very slow and the hour lasts More Than 60 Minutes?
  2. What protects the Earth from the solar charged particles? And why is the temperature hottest at the Equator and coldest at the poles when measured at sea level? Is there another source of thermal energy that reaches the surface of the Earth apart from the Sun’s?
  3. The spinning of the Earth creates the equatorial bulge. The Crust equatorial diameter is 43 km (27 miles) larger than the geo pole-to-pole diameter. The seas are accordingly bulged. What will become of sea level if Earth spin slowed down?
  4. What makes the Earth spin counter clockwise? Could such a spin be brought to a standstill? Could the spinning direction be reversed? Would the Sun, at any given point in time, rise from the West and set in the East?

By answering the above questions, I challenge the commonly agreed hypotheses that are made available by earlier scientists, astronomers and others about the the source of Earth magnetism, formation of climate belts, spin speed and more. Leveraging geological discoveries, I explore a scenario of new locations of the magnetic poles, and the results investigated include increased rate of major quakes, volcanoes and changes of the temperature and precipitation map.

Different History View

There were times when Earth and its climate experienced similar change syndromes as the one it is passing through today. If climate change is attributed to the tilting of the Earth’s core rather than anything else, could this be an isolated event? Or is it a more frequent one? And if it is more frequent, will the tilt be exactly the same in every occurrence? Could there be incidents of stronger swings that result in complete magnetic poles reversal? How did humans and other life forms on Earth respond to the consequential changes? And what do we learn that can help us to anticipate a new meteorological and weather map?  A decade ago, the Arabian Peninsula had less than 100 mm of rain per year. What if the rainfall rate in these areas suddenly jumps ten or twenty fold?  What will happen to the great fresh water lakes of Canada, Central Europe, Asia or Africa? How long will this new climate paradigm last? Looking back in history, it seems that every 35 centuries there is a pattern of Earth disorder: Earthquakes, volcanoes, climate change and more. The history sections of the holy books have considerable information to share in this regard, but so do geological, historical and scientific knowledge. In an effort to locate the cause and frequency, I explain how the history sections of the holy books address the emergence of a planetary object in the sky, which influenced and assisted Moses Exodus roughly 1,550 BC and a bit more than four decades later assisted Joshua at his wars when the Sun or rather the Earth stood still. More than 3,000 years earlier Abraham saw a planet in the sky and was wondering if it were God. How could Abraham witness a planet in the sky with his bare eyes! There was no space telescope at the time. Was there a planet or a planetoid close enough to be as visible as the Moon or the Sun? Historians claim Abraham had predated Moses by 500 years. Discoveries from Ancient Egypt proved otherwise. Jews and Muslims believe that Abraham was the first male to be circumcised on the face of Earth. Mummies were found and are dated 3,000 before the time of Moses. Some 10,600 years ago, in anticipation of the Earth changes, Noah had built the Ark that helped him, his family and some of the living beings at the time to survive a tidal wave and an epic flood. A cause and effect of a 3,562-year cataclysmic cycle is explained. We seem to have just started to touch the periphery of the end of one cycle which is followed by the beginning of another in the not too distant future.

Different Mandate

Instead of spending time and resources on combating increased carbon emission, a strategic plan to a smooth transition to a swapped or exchanged climate becomes more critical than ever, when the climax of Earth changes is reached in 2017 and beyond. The early anticipation and correct strategies should be adopted in selected industries in order to i) minimize the loss of resources, ii) maximize the protection of species and iii) facilitate our recovery and transformation into different climatic, industrial and social conditions. If there will be a change in the global precipitation map, do we have enough stores of grains and transportation means to avoid global famine? What could be done to ensure cooperation between countries experiencing a major agriculture shift and how fast can the transformation go? More elaboration and recovery strategies are discussed over disciplines such as finance, infrastructure, energy, plant life and civil order.

Due to the urgency of the matter, the book I authored and published in 2009 and thereafter this site in 2012, have to be read in full and not in parts. They may not be an elaborate and detailed piece of work in which all aspects are thoroughly drilled although neatly woven. I believe that it is prudent that experts in geophysics, science, history and astronomy fields can contribute in parallel on deeper analyses, be it on a new planet that is approaching our inner solar space and consequential impacts, or be it on a vulnerable Inner Core that is very sensitive to magnetic fluctuation, or on the whole thread of cause-and-effect relation that connected all changes.

We come as one people on a continuously changing space ship that we call Earth. The changes are growing into epic proportions. We should seize the opportunity and pro-act without delay while there is a window of time.

Copyright © 2009-2012 T.S. Niazi, All rights reserved, ISBN: 1-4392-5791-4, ISBN-13: 9781439257913 More Than 60 Minutes- When Earth Stands Still Preface

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