Sea Level

Most Scientists expect sea level to equally rise along all coastal lines as a result of the melting of the Arctic ice cap and eastern Antarctic ice sheets. They are oblivious of what can, changes in Earth spin speed about its axis, cause to changes in sea level and in coastal lines; some with increasing sea level and others with falling sea level. As explained earlier, Earth is bulged at the equatorial region due to the difference between, crust material and oceans travelling at 1,670 km/hr (1,044 miles/hr), and the planet’s gravitational forces. If for demonstration purposes, Earth is flattened between the North Pole and the Equator, the sea level would look as follows;                                                                Figure 82- Sea Level- Current
Which corresponds to current coastal lines map as we know it;

Figure 82b- Sea Level- Current
If Earth spin speed about its axis is slowed down to the same level as 10,600 years ago at the time Reversed Magnetic Field started to emerge in Antarctica, the sea hype at the equatorial region will change as follows where the equatorial sea level will decrease and the Arctic sea level will increase;

Figure 83- Sea Level- Changed
A summary of sea level is taken each 10 degrees of latitude and according to the above resulting chart, the sea level will rise north of 50N degrees and south of  50S degrees. Alternatively the sea level will grow lower between 30N degrees and 30S degrees. This sounds like good news to countries fearing sea water rise at the equatorial region such as the Maldives or Singapore. If a tardiness in Earth spin speed is abrupt, tidal waves of epic proportions would result temporarily onto continents’ western coasts due to difference between the slowing crust and the speeding oceans. The oceans self inertia and anti-clockwise spin direction, will continue to move at higher speed towards east before they gradually start to slow down and redistribute north and south. As the ocean settle down a new geographical map and precipitation would emerge.

Figure 81b- Sea Level Changing

I elaborated a picture of a step increase in Earth spin speed in 8,669 BC, 5,107 BC, and 1,545 BC. At each increase in spin speed, the sea level did also increase, to a maximum level at the geographic equator and grew lower to a minimum level at the geographic poles. A French expedition were able to locate, map and excavate parts of the city of Thonis-Heracleion, which lies 6.5 kilometres off today’s Alexandria/ Egypt coastline about 50 meters (150 feet) underwater. The city is located in the western part of Aboukir Bay west of Alexandria.  It is not confirmed whether an Earthquake or sudden rise of seal level to have caused the city to be submerged . I tend to believe it was not an Earthquake that caused the city to be submerged, and that it was the increase of Earth spin speed some 1,545 BC that has caused such an increase in sea level; specially when we learn that 6,000 to 7,000 years ago the connection of the Black Sea to the Mediterranean basin via the Bosporus Strait was formed. Before such a date the two seas were disconnected. Such a range of 6,000 to 7,000 years ago coincides with the timeline I elaborated for the step increase at Earth spin speed coupled with step increase of sea level in 5,107 BC.

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4 Responses to Sea Level

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  3. Dan veler says:

    What would happen if the earth’s spin increased by 66%?

    • T.Niazi says:

      Earth is spinning at its highest spin speed. The angle between the geo and magnetic pole is 10 degrees in the Arctic and 23 degree in Antarctica. The cosine of the angle between the magnetic axis and the rotation axis is a factor in determining the spin speed. The difference between cosine 0 and cosine 10 degrees is negligible. Have a go at the Earth Spin Speed page of this site, where I explain what brings Earth to pick up a spin speed, what changes it, and what can make the spin direction reverse.

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