Another Proof that the Magnetic Configuration of Earth has Induced and Permanent fields

On page Earth Magnets, I detailed how the Coriolis Force helps us understand that there are 2 types of magnetic field sources that emanate from the core of our planet. I came to conclude that there is an “induced” magnetic field of south magnetic polarity when traced on the surface of Earth at the Arctic as well as the Antarctic regions, and that there is also a “permanent” magnetic field with a south magnetic pole in the Arctic region and a north magnetic pole in the Antarctic region. These 2 magnetic poles are not fixed and they keep wandering.

Due to its radioactive nature, the Inner Core shall continue to emit electrons for another billion years. The Coriolis Force compels the flow of any moving object in a rotating body or frame to:

  1. Move on a path that is perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the rotating frame,
  2. Move in a helical path when observed from a distant constant frame of reference, and
  3. Move in an anti-clockwise direction in the upper half and a clockwise direction in the lower half of the rotating frame.

When these rules are applied onto those electrons that flow in the Outer Core,  magnetic field force lines are generated in perpendicular angle to the plane of electrons flow that already makes a perpendicular angle to the axis of rotation. Therefore, the generated magnetic field force lines are and will remain parallel to the axis of rotation. The magnetic field that is generated in the upper half will be opposite to the one that is generated in the lower half of the Outer Core. When these two opposite magnetic fields are traced all the way to surface of Earth at the orthographic projection of the Outer Core, one finds magnetic field patches of south polarity around the axis of rotation at both the Arctic and Antarctic regions. For instance, that explains the emergence of patches of south magnetic polarity, also known as ‘Plasmoids’ or reversed magnetic field when emerged side by side with the flux out of the north magnetic pole there in the Antarctic region.

In 2009 and as released it in my research that is also found on amazon in a book called “More Than 60 Minutes- When Earth Stands Still”, I added a hypothesis that given above the source of the permanent magnetic field can not be but the Inner Core itself. We understand that the Inner Core is ductile, spins at the same angular velocity of the rest of the geo layers of the planet, and its 2 magnetic poles are not aligned on opposite directions on the surface of Earth. I found out that by joining data from US National Data Centre, and the World Data Centre for Geomagnetism, Kyoto;  both magnetic poles have started moving eastward more than 100 years ago. Such a move resulted in the weakening of the magnetic field over the western and southern hemispheres; and vice versa on the eastern hemisphere. There, I sent to Berkley asking them to correct their research in which they assumed that the collapse of the magnetic field is global, and that is not the case as it is gaining strength in the eastern hemisphere.

I kept wondering how could a single body such as the Inner Core enjoys ferromagnetic characteristic and radioactivity at the same time. How could the same alloy perform dual functionality of emitting free electron currents as well as generating magnetic field force? I needed something else to prove that the Inner Core is the source of the strong magnetic field that we observe on the face of Earth, and that it is permanent. The answer came by at the hands of a research team at the University of Illinois most recently. Thanks to a novel application of earthquake-reading technology, the Illinois team have found that the Earth’s inner core has an inner core of its own. The team found a distinct inner-inner core, about half the diameter of the whole inner core. The iron crystals in the outer- inner core are aligned in north-south direction. However, in the inner-inner core, the iron crystals point roughly east-west. That drove me to cry, but of course! The outer-inner core is the magnetic layer, and the inner-inner core is the radioactive one. The magnetic layer has its two poles currently close to the axis of rotation as evidenced when having its iron crystals organized in north-south direction. Due to the spin of the Inner Core and following the Coriolis Effect, the inner-inner core has its flowing electrons in paths at right angle to the axis of rotation or what the Illinois team called east-west, or more rightly in perpendicular direction to the axis of rotation.

I even go further to explain that similar to the Lorenz Force that is applied on the perimeter that joins the Outer Core and Inner Mantle and drive the plant to spin; as I explained in depth on the Earth Spin Speed page of this site, a similar force emerges at the perimeter that separates the outer-inner core from the inner-inner core as well as the outer-inner core from the Outer Core. Such forces acting tangent to the bodies in perpendicular angle to the axis of rotation, drive the outer-inner and inner-inner core to spin.  The Lorentz Forces that are generated in the heart of the Inner Core between its 2 layers as well as at the out shell of the outer-inner core  drive the Inner Core to spin about its axis. As the inner and outer layers of the Inner Core are both ductile and form one body, one can not spin without the other

Figure 112. Inner Core Layers Functionalities

The change of the angle between 1) The electrons flow, which is always perpendicular to the rotation axis, whether in the Inner Core or in the Outer Core and 2) The Magnetic Field Force lines crossing the electrons flow, will change the Lorentz Force and could accordingly cause the planet speed, to slow, to stop or to spin the opposite direction. What makes the Magnetic Field Force to change its orientation is the tilt of the Inner Core, which obviously can not be caused except by the magnetic pull of another planet. Such a planet  could be well known  to us, as part of the inner solar system, or yet to be uncovered in the outer solar system. The outer solar system has many uncovered planets, some of which orbit around the Sun in elliptic paths, with frequent arrivals to the inner solar system. As I provided some excerpts from ancient text to exemplify the case on the  Change Cycle page of this site, there are also findings by several scientists including a team from Caltech who came in January 2016 to predict a 9th planet that orbits the sun in elliptic path, has a mass of 10 times the mass of Earth and could be spotted in the not distant future.

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Tarek S. Niazi holds a Bachelor degree and a Master degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science respectively. He worked at IBM for twenty-five years in various positions. As an entrepreneur, he established and ran investment, consulting, and project integration services companies. Niazi’s interests run the gamut from geology to history, astronomy to theology, and most of the sciences, including physics. His global travels have given him a deep appreciation for the mosaic of life and culture on Earth.
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