Unprecedented Temperatures

Not many people are aware that the magnetic pole is moving from Canada towards Siberia. Or, perhaps they don’t care; except those who are dependent on magnetic compasses to find directions. I believe and as explained on Earth Temperature page of this site, that Temperature belts of homogenous climates follow the strength of the magnetic field and will therefore keep tilting so long as the pole keeps moving. This explains why North America is getting shorter and warmer winters while Europe, Siberia and the Middle East are getting longer and colder ones. For the first time ever, people were evacuated from Siberia in December 2012 due to unprecedented low temperatures.

and who would have imagined Cairo suburbs be covered with such dense snow back in December 2013!

About T.Niazi

Tarek S. Niazi holds a Bachelor degree and a Master degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science respectively. He worked at IBM for twenty-five years in various positions. As an entrepreneur, he established and ran investment, consulting, and project integration services companies. Niazi’s interests run the gamut from geology to history, astronomy to theology, and most of the sciences, including physics. His global travels have given him a deep appreciation for the mosaic of life and culture on Earth.
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