Documentary: What when the Earth stops spinning

I watched a documentary on the youtube and I wrote the following comment: The video did not explain what controls the spin speed of Earth, let alone what would make Earth slow down. We studied at high school the Fleming’s left hand rule for motors and it could very well explain what makes our planet spin and its speed varies on daily basis by milliseconds up and down since measurement began 400 years ago. When electric current flows in a wire, and an external magnetic field is applied across that flow, the wire experiences a force perpendicular both to that field and to the direction of the electric current flow.  Inside Earth we have a similar phenomenon. First, let us identify the presence of electric current and anticipate the direction of its flow: As a result of Earth spin we observe bulged crust/ oceans. A bulged Outer Core follows the same principle although the Outer Core radius is half of the crust’s but the outer core density is five to six times that of the crust. Being a radio active isotope, the inner core emits free electrons that flow in the high density viscous outer core. Such electrons elect to flow across the major axis of the bulged Outer Core i.e. the equatorial plane. Second, let us identify the presence of a permanent magnetic field and see if it has a fixed direction: The Inner Core is free to move, swivel and rotate. What if the Inner Core is a permanent magnet; the result of its movement is observed by the wandering of its magnetic poles. Currently, the north magnet is emerging out of Antarctica and the south magnet is pointing into the Arctic circle. The pulling of some of the magnetic field force lines by another magnet/ planet could lead to divergence of some of the field force lines towards space instead of circulating the Earth from Antarctica to Arctic, increasing the wandering of the magnetic poles and of course increasing the rate of Earthquakes. Third, a Lorentz force is generated along the circumference where the Outer Core meets the Inner Mantle. The force is dependent on the product of the electric current, magnetic field force and the angle in between. Such a force that is applied consistently along the perimeter of the Outer Core/ Inner Mantle, makes Earth spin. Assuming no change neither in the magnetic field strength nor the electric current intensity; a maximum force is generated when the electric current and magnetic field are at 90 degrees angle apart. If the angle grows less, the Lorentz force would grow less and Earth spin would slow down. Earth stops spinning when the electric current and magnetic field are flowing in the same direction. The spin could be reversed if the magnetic field force flips. The sun will then rise from the west! This does not mean that I totally disagree with every part of the video. I agree that low spin speed of Earth shall cause sea level to change but I disagree that a sever temperature fluctuation between day and night will occur since not all thermal radiation is arriving from the sun as I explained earlier on the Earth Temperature page of this site. I also disagree that changes of Troposphere altitude would mean less breathable air at the equatorial region.

About T.Niazi

Tarek S. Niazi holds a Bachelor degree and a Master degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science respectively. He worked at IBM for twenty-five years in various positions. As an entrepreneur, he established and ran investment, consulting, and project integration services companies. Niazi’s interests run the gamut from geology to history, astronomy to theology, and most of the sciences, including physics. His global travels have given him a deep appreciation for the mosaic of life and culture on Earth.
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3 Responses to Documentary: What when the Earth stops spinning

  1. kaz says:

    Such addictive reading, very educating, although been a active learning of mine for many years will visit site again, thanks, kaz.

  2. I heard you speak about your book on youtube (v=GJ3M_TbX_LI)
    on a show called Surrounded by Idiots,
    and you knew a bit about various bibles
    and how they hint about earth rotation reversals;
    so I was really excited when I saw your site was named 2017,
    because my study of others who study prophesy and clairvoyance,
    has multiple references to hebrew year 5777 (Fall 2016 – Fall 2017).
    . WWIII will happen then and they will use Tesla Beam Weapons
    as seen on 9/11 taking down the Trade Towers (see Dr. Judy Wood)
    and these beam weapons may aggravate our magnetosphere, yes?
    anyway, what do you know about 2017?!

  3. The collapse of the magnetic field has started some 160 years ago. It has weakened by 5% in 120 years followed by another drop of 5% in 30 years and most recently there is an additional drop of 5% in the last decade. My research on established a link between the Earth Temperature and the Magnetic Field. Where the field is at its maximum strength at the poles, a Polar Temperature belt forms. And, where the field is at its minimum strength i.e. halfway between the two magnetic poles, the Tropical Belt forms and the temperature is hottest at sea level. The move of the ‘south’ magnetic pole in the Arctic Circle from Canada towards Siberia brings warmer temperature belts to cover North America. The contrary is happening onto Siberia. A Climate Exchange is at its infancy and geological records tell of abrupt change of climate that led lush green valleys to turn arid in a period of one week or so. Some 7,000 years ago the vast North Africa region experienced such a cataclysm. The growing ice cap in east Antarctica confirms that the Magnetic Field is keeping 100% strong at the site of the ‘north’ magnetic pole. This tells that some of the magnetic field force lines, although emerged intact in Antarctica, do not complete their path circling Earth from pole to pole as they get pulled into space to meet up with the magnetic field force lines of another magnet of another planet. NASA called it Tyche and are still searching for it using Wide Infrared Space Explorer or WISE. As it comes closer to the inner solar system, an accelerated diversion of Earth magnetic field force lines is observed and a further collapse of the magnetic field is measured at any spot on Earth (except at the north magnetic pole in Antarctica). Historians used to doubt the old testament when the sun and the moon stood still. They claim that it meant Earth has stopped spinning which is impossible. They are wrong and the old testament is right. Earth actually stopped spinning twice at that chapter of history. At the time of the Exodus when Egypt night lasted 3 days long and some 50 years later when Joshua was battling in the land of Kenan. I explained using simple rules of electromagnetism and geological findings what makes Earth spin about its axis and what brings its speed to change or direction of spin to reverse. There is a cause and effect chain that connects recent observations of climate change, global warming, alarming increase of Earthquakes frequency and energy, change in spin speed, abrupt climate exchange, emergence of reversal magnetic fields (plasmoids) in Antarctica, and more. The site should be read in its entirety to get to the root cause and understand the magnitude and cycle of change. Linking ancient text and folklore of various cultures; the Avestic Aryans, the Toba Indians, the Cahto Indians, the Mayans, stories from the holy books and geological findings in Antarctica, North Africa, Mediterranean to name a few, helped to deduce a change cycle of 3,562 solar years. Unfortunately, the scholars who deciphered the Maya long count made an error. They believed as most of us, if not all still do, that Earth spin speed has always been constant in the last hundreds of thousands of years. When the correct spin speed is plotted against the cycle of change, you find that Earth spin speed in the previous cycle was some 161 spins or days per single solar year. The correct calculation of the Maya long count is therefore 7,124 years and not 5,100 years and the next change is due on 2017 and not in 2012. You may notice the Maya ‘long’ count is twice the change cycle or ‘short’ count of 3,562. I therefore do not believe Tesla beams or Tesla fields can cause the Magnetic Field to collapse. It is simpler than that and is not man made.

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